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Examining the Environmental Impact of Demand-Side and Renewable Energy Technologies

DATE: 17-02-2017

Building upon these contributions, the IRP will publish a synthesis report later this year, with these papers as a technical appendix. The synthesis report will inform policy makers about the benefits, risks, and trade-offs of energy efficiency technologies and their combined effects when deployed alongside low-carbon electricity supply technologies



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Independent Rural Power Producers and Sustainable Development in India

DATE: 17-02-2017

Independent Rural Power Producers can play an important role in sustainable development strategies by finding village-level solutions that fulfill the need for electricity services.



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Managing the Environment

DATE: 17-02-2017

The kinds of environmental problems we get depend on the kinds of development options we choose.



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Science and technology for sustainable developpment

DATE: 17-02-2017

Despite massive input of public funds into scientific research ,the lives of the majority in India remain largely untouched by product of modern science



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The Road from Rio to Johannesburg

DATE: 17-02-2017

In November 2000 the sustainable development community lost one of its greatest champions – Warren ‘Chip’ Lindner. Chip had been integral to the work of the Brundtland Commission, was founder of the Center For Our Common Future and coordinated the NGO Forum running parallel to the official negotiations of the Earth Summit in 1992. Throughout this work he advocated the participation of the ‘independent sector’ in the sustainable development debate, significantly influencing the inclusion of major group chapters in Agenda 21 and of stakeholder dialogues in the process’ official negotiations.




DATE: 04-10-2020





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