Dr. Ashok Khosla at PAGE Minister Conference

Dr. Ashok Khosla on How Going Green Brings People out of Poverty | Climate Reality

Interview Dr. Ashok Khosla | UNCSD 2012 Rio + 20, Rio de Janeirio, Brazil

Sustainable Development Challenges in India |Dr. Ashok Khosla | TERI University

Speeding Up Human Development to Minimize Climate Change | Dr. Ashok Khosla | TEDxNirmaUniversity


Indian Environmentalist Dr. Ashok Khosla Receives WWF Conservation Medal Read, Asian Scientist Magazine, 2011

DATE: 18/01/2017

Indian environment expert Ashok Khosla has been awarded the UAE's prestigious Zayed's international prize in environment with a prize money of US$300,000 for his Scientific and Technological achievement. Khosla, founder of the Development Alternatives Group, bagged the second category award at 6th edition of the prize, the prestigious international environmental award. The award was given jointly to Dr Khosla and Malaysia's Dr Zakri Abdul Hamid, Co-Chair of the 2005 Millennium Eco. The award aims to support and encourage environmental works of distinguished international individual and group initiatives which contribute in achieving sustainability of natural resources and energy, in addition to encouraging individuals and institutions all over the world to be distinguished in research and innovation. The Zayed Prize was established in 1999 by Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to acknowledge the environment. Najib Saab, publisher of Al-Bia Wal-Tanmia & AFED’s secretary general, received the Zayed award in its last edition in 2011.

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The green doer, India Today, 2002

DATE: 25/02/2017

Ashok Khosla does not fit the stereotype of the Indian ecologist - the jholawala with a handwoven bag, sweaty armpits, commuting by bus or bullock cart. He drives around in a white Maruti Esteem making no effort to replace the petrol it uses as fuel with the more ecologically correct CNG. Neither is he apologetic about living in Delhi's upmarket Vasant Vihar in a house that his father built saying, "It seemed silly to waste it and live in a slum." His voice is civil, refined, accented. More suited to the hallowed halls of academia than in the dustbowls of India's hinterland where he does much of his acclaimed work. The prefix Dr is for a PhD in experimental physics from Harvard University and not, please note, in environmental sciences. He spent his formative years "theorising on the innards of the atom" far removed from the hunger pangs of India's poor. The pinstripe suits he dons while globe-trotting for the cause accentuates the contradictions. He does wear kurta-pyjamas to work in India but critics carp that they are of designer class.

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Future Maker: Ashok Khosla, The Power of Temptation

DATE: 25/02/2017

This seventh profile in our CSRwire series based on the book, Future Makers, is about Ashok Khosla of New Delhi, India – physicist at Harvard University, United Nations functionary, sustainability expert and professional job creator. We heard about Ashok Khosla for the first time in Berlin, when a then-member of the German parliament told us about a man who passed up high posts at Harvard and the United Nations (UN) to create one million jobs in India. Four months later in 2005, we were traveling to the Qutab Institutional Area, where the office of Development Alternatives is situated. Everything here spoke of modesty – from the building and Ashok’s simply equipped office, to his character. We made ourselves comfortable in a small room and after a short time we were under the spell of this warm-hearted, humble and highly intelligent man.

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