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Environmental Modelling for Developing Countries (Natural Resources and the Environment Series)

DATE: 25-01-2017

By Asit K. Biswas, T. N. Khoshoo, and Ashok Khosla, Tycooly International (1990)




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To Choose Our Future

DATE: 25-01-2017

by Ashok Khosla (Author)



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“Leveraging Knowledge to Eradicate Poverty” in Global Development 2.0

DATE: 25-01-2017

Can Philanthropists, the Public, and the Poor Make Poverty History? Ed. by Lael Brainard and Derek Chollet, Brookings Institution, 2008


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The Survival Equation

DATE: 14-09-2009

Man, Resources, and his Environment. / Edited by Roger Revelle, Ashok Khosla and Maris Vinovskis, New York, Houghton Mifflin (1971):


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“Development Alternatives”, in Come On!

DATE: 28-04-2017

The 2018 Report of the Club of Rome, to be published late 2017