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Board and Membership | Dr. Ashok Khosla

Board and Membership

Dr. Ashok Khosla


– National Security Advisory Board

– Science Advisory Council to the Cabinet

– National Environment Council

– Delhi Urban Art Commission

– Indo-UK Roundtable for Strategic Advice to Prime Ministers


Former Chairman  

The Club of Rome

– Center for Our Common Future, Geneva

– WETV, the Global Access TV Channel, Ottawa

– International Facilitating Committee, Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro

– IUCN Commission on Environmental Planning

– ICSU/SCOPE Project on Environmental Information, Paris

– SATIS, Utrecht

– National Advisory Committee on Environmental Education, G.O.I.

– Indian Environment Congress, New Delhi


Special advisor   

– World Commission on Environment & Development, Geneva



– World Conservation Union (IUCN), Morges & Gland

– World Wide Fund for Nature, Gland

– International Advisory Board, Criteria CaixaCorp, Barcelona

– EXPO 2000, Hannover

– Earth Council, San Jose, Costa Rica

– Television Trust for the Environment, London

– Stockholm Environment Institute, Stockholm

– International Institute for Environment & Development, Winnipeg

– UNEP International Environment Technology Centre, Osaka

– World Economic Forum NGO Council, Davos/Geneva

– Factor 10 Club

– World Future Council

– Alliance for a New Humanity

– Chair, Jury of EnergyGlobe Award

– Jury, World Clean Energy Award

– Jury, Toyota Environmental Award

– National Environmental Council, New Delhi

– Science Advisory Council to the Cabinet, New Delhi

– Poverty Eradication Mission, Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad

– Delhi Urban Arts Commission, New Delhi

– National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

– World Wide Fund for Nature – India, New Delhi

– Environmental Planning and Coordination Organisation, Bhopal


Consultant/  Advisor                        

– United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi

– United Nations Development Programme, New York

– World Bank, Washington D.C.

– Global Environment Facility, Washington, D.C.

– United Nations University, Tokyo

– International Development Research Center, Ottawa

– World Conservation Union (IUCN), Gland

– International Council of Scientific Unions, Paris

– World Resources Institute, Washington D.C.

– East-West Center, Hawaii

– Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm

– MacArthur Foundation, Chicago

– Ministry of Environment, Government of India, New Delhi

– Ministry of Science & Technology, G.O.I., New Delhi

– Ministry of Rural Development, G.O.I., New Delhi

– Planning Commission, G.O.I., New Delhi



Secretary General’s Task Force to Restructure the

– Environmental Programmes of the United Nations

– Evaluation of the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) Pilot

– Evaluation of the World Bank’s Environmental Performance

– Evaluation of the Capacity 21 Programme of UNDP

– Evaluation of the Environment Progs of the E-W Center, Hawaii

– The Memo Group of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, Berlin

– Science Advisory Committee of the United Nations University